2013 Merit Images | Tallahassee, Florida Print Competition Photography

Thursday was the annual Salon Competition for the Tallahassee Professional Photographer’s Guild. Though I’ve been a member for the last 4 Salons, this was my first time entering. I wanted to get a feel for what competition was like before entering the first year, and the last two years, I was out of the country and having a baby! This year I finally got to enter and I was so honored/amazed/thrilled with the final results. I entered 6 images (some from this year and some older images), and the five below were chosen as merit images! The thing I’m most proud of for these images is that they were all taken as client images. None of these were shot for competition or set up or posed to be competition images but the judges thought they were worthy of a merit. I was pretty proud of that!

twin one year old boys sitting in a white crate

newborn baby girl in an owl hat

two year old girl lying in grass

three children sitting together on a bridge

9 month old baby girl sitting in yellow chair

I am considering entering the 5 merit images into the Florida Professional Photographer’s Guild’s competition in Orlando later this summer. I’m hoping to be able to attend the state convention and print competition!

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