Flynn and Malone | Tallahassee Cake Smash Photography

These two cute little redheads were so much fun to photograph during their baby plan! You can see their newborn photos here and their eight month photos here. This session was actually from almost a year ago, but I just got permission from their mom to post these. I photographed this session last May when I was 39 weeks pregnant with my daughter Madeline. Photographing twin one year olds who are both walking when you are 39 weeks pregnant is a little crazy but we had a great time! Flynn and Malone are just so cute and I was so glad I was able to photograph their birthday session to celebrate their first year! I’m also looking forward to photographing their two year old session this summer! It will be so cool to see how much they’ve grown and changed over the last year.

one year old twin boys holding their mamas hand

twin one year old boys in overalls sitting in white crate

twin one year old boys in overalls smiling

mom and her twin boys in overalls

one year old boy in overalls sitting in wooden toddler chair

baby boy holding his teddy bear lovie

baby boy holding his first birthday bear

one year old twin boys in birthday onesies with bear

twin one year old boys with their birthday cakes

one year old twin boys eating cake

one year old boy cake smash tallahassee

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