Alden and Carson: 1st Birthday Cake Smash [Tallahassee, Florida Children’s Photographer]

These two little cuties turned 1 on the 4th of July this year, and their mama dressed them in the cutest little firecracker onesies for our session. Aren’t they adorable? I had so much fun during this session, and I’m pretty sure the boys did as well! I was worried they wouldn’t want to go near the cake, but it turned out I worried for nothing because they loved it! Alden was a little shy at first, but he quickly warmed up to the cake and pretty soon, both cakes were demolished completely!

The cakes (and the boys’ cute little party hats) before the session:

The hats lasted for about 10 seconds and then they got pulled off:

Carson immediately grabbed the cake and started eating, but Alden was a bit more cautious:

Carson decided to see if Alden’s cake tasted better, while Alden thought it might be fun to paint with icing:

Carson was grinning at the taste of the cake and Alden was showing his cake off to his mom:

This was the closest we came to eye contact from both 1 year olds at the same time. They were pretty distracted with the cake and watching their mom. I got lots of eye contact individually but both at the same time was tricky!


Both babies managed to crawl away, and then come back and sit in their cakes:


You know it’s over when the cake is flat as a pancake and the baby turns his back:

The aftermath:

I have so many other cute photos to share and this blog post is already super long, so here is a 1st birthday cake smash storyboard with more photos from the session:

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