Alex, Ana, & Alonzo [Tallahassee, FL Children & Baby Photographer]

How cute are these three?

Alex is four and a fantastic big brother to Ana, who’s 3. Alonzo is their big sister Monica’s little one, and he is adorable at three months.  These guys drove over an hour to get to our session and even though it rained through half of the session and we had to move over a covered picnic area to finish the last few photos, we had a great time. Alex and Ana kept me laughing and they were so sweet. Alex is so protective of his little sister. He didn’t hesitate to hold her hand to help her over the bridge.

Another sweet sibling shot of Alex and Ana:

And Alonzo was just precious:

Monica and Cindy, thanks for driving so far for our session! I had a blast with your sweet kids.

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