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Diana contacted me to schedule a breastfeeding session with her toddler, Callum. She was a little concerned we wouldn’t be able to get nursing photos at his age because toddlers are so easily distracted. It’s true, he was a busy little guy and full of energy! But we were able to get some really sweet photos of these two, and I’m so glad she decided to book the session. It’s clear that this little guy adores his mama and I really enjoyed spending time with them both.




This session had to be rescheduled again, and again, and again. First it rained, and then it rained again. Then Jennifer got really sick. Then it rained again. Finally we were able to photograph this session, and I’m so glad everything finally came together, because I love the way it turned out. Jennifer met me at a local park with to take nursing portraits of her and her 6 month old baby boy, Elliott. He was super cute, and super serious, but we finally got some great smiles from him after he warmed up a bit.


We originally had planned this session as a mama and me/nursing session, but since dad was there, too, I convinced him to jump in for a couple photos at the end of the session.

Aren’t they a sweet family? Jennifer, thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your session!

I am so in love with the photos from this nursing session! Amanda and Bea have the sweetest bond and it just shines through in these images. After seeing images I photographed for a friend, Amanda contacted me to schedule a breastfeeding session just before Bea’s first birthday. Nursing for one year is a huge milestone to celebrate and she wanted to have photos taken to celebrate the occasion. I’m so happy she did; it was so great to meet both of them and I love the way the images turned out!

I always start breastfeeding sessions by taking a few images of the mama and baby together. It gives me a chance to get to know them a little and let them warm up before jumping right into nursing.

Once we started with the nursing photos, we were able to get quite a variety in just a few minutes. I love the way these turned out!


Because Bea was turning one just a few days after the session, I asked Amanda if she wanted to do a quick setup to get a birthday photo of Bea. Isn’t she adorable?

Amanda, thank you so much for coming in and letting me photograph you two! I loved meeting you and hope to see you guys again in the future!

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week 2016, I’m offering two days of breastfeeding mini sessions in the month of August. These limited edition sessions are discounted from my normal pricing because I feel every mother deserves to have beautiful nursing images with their babies.

I breastfeed both of my little girls and loved sharing that special bond with them. I wish I had thought to take nursing photos to document those memories! These sessions will last 15 minutes, and include nursing images as well as a few images of you interacting and snuggling with your child.


Although these sessions are to celebrate nursing and World Breastfeeding Week, I know there are mamas out there who have adopted babies or were unable to breastfeed their babies. If this is your situation and you want photos of you and your babies, I’d be happy to do a mommy & me session instead!

Who is included: Breastfeeding mother and nursling(s). I don’t mind adding siblings in for a shot or two but the sessions are mini sessions (15 minutes) and I want to make sure to have enough time to capture the nursing relationship, so it’s up to you if you want to include sessions or have this soley focused on mama and baby.

What should you wear? Soft, solid colors are ideal for the softer feel to the images from these sessions. A flowy dress would be beautiful, or a pretty top. Obviously it has to be something easy to nurse in! I recommend attire you can pull down instead of pulling up, because most mamas tend to be more comfortable being photographed when their tummies are covered, and pulling down versus up means there isn’t a bunch of fabric blocking your baby’s sweet face in the images.

What should your baby wear? I recommend skin to skin for these images! If you want your babe to be more covered, I have various diaper covers, bloomers, tutus, knit pants, and rompers at the studio. Availability varies depending on size and gender, but contact me for more info on what I may have in your baby or toddler’s size. If you want more traditional clothing options versus diaper covers, jeans and no shirt are adorable on little boys, and a pretty dress or romper in soft colors is perfect for little girls.

Will my photos be shared online? Only with your permission. I would love to be able to share these images (photographed discreetly and tastefully with no nudity showing) to promote and normalize breastfeeding! I think nursing is so beautiful and should be shared more often. I also completely respect a family’s right to privacy and would never share images without your permission. If you prefer for your images to not be shared, just let me know when you book your session.

How do I sign up for one of the spots? There are only 5 spots open for the outdoor location and 4 for the indoor location, and I expect these to fill quickly. To reserve your spot, purchase an available session spot here:

Once your session is purchased, I will send you a contract, which must be signed within 48 hours. If it is not signed, your session fee will be refunded and the session spot will open back up. If this session date doesn’t work for you or spots fill up before you book and you want to be put on the waiting list for the next round of breastfeeding mini sessions, contact me to be put on the wait list for next time!