Colton [Tallahassee, Florida Newborn Photographer]

I photographed this 7 day old Cole’s session on my birthday, and I have to say, he gave me an awesome present. Cole was the best sleeper I’ve had yet. He slept through the entire session, didn’t fuss at all, and let me pose him with no complaint. His parents were awesome, too. They had some great props and even bought some adorable hats from Etsy (I love when parents want to incorporate items they buy for the baby — later, when the baby is bigger, it’s a great reminder of how tiny they were!). His family was up for anything and the whole session was a ton of fun!

This photo is my favorite from the session, and I love the meaning behind it. Cole’s parents went to a pottery place on their first date and made this cookie jar together. They saved the jar and now have photos of their first baby sleeping in the jar. I couldn’t believe we even got Cole to hold onto the cookie in his sleep!

I love this photo of Cole and his stuffed animals. Several of the animals were his parents’ when they were little, and the rest were presents for Cole. The hat was one his parents found on Etsy, and I love it!

His parents are both very religious, and I love that they put a cross in their son’s nursery. When his dad suggested this shot, I wasn’t sure how it would work, but it turned out great! We had dad positioned on the other side of the crib, holding onto Cole so he wasn’t going anywhere.

Another nursery shot:

I’m an FSU alumni, and Cole’s parents are big FSU fans, so when they showed me this tiny little helmet, I was so excited! I love Cole’s grin in this photo — obviously, he’s going to be a big fan, too!

Cole with his daddy holding him (I love his little foot peeking out!)

Cole and his gorgeous mama, Kelly.  I couldn’t believe how great she looked at just one week postpartum! She definitely doesn’t look like she just had a baby!

Sweet little family of 3:

Ben and Kelly, thank you so much for picking me to photograph Colton. I had such a great time with your family!

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