Flynn and Malone | Tallahassee Newborn Twins Photography

These little guys were so much fun to photograph! I love newborns and twins are double the fun to pose! I have gotten to photograph a set of boy/girl twins and a set of girl/girl twins, but Flynn and Malone were my first set of boy/boy twins, which was exciting. I have to thank my friend/client Sara, who has helped me with my last few twin sessions. Having an extra set of hands with twins makes a huge difference! I am really happy with the photos from this session and since these guys are part of my baby plan, I get to photograph them again in a few months, which will be really fun!

newborn twins tallahassee florida photography studio

newborn twin baby boys tallahassee studio photographer

I always get individual photos as well as group photos for twin mamas. As adorable as the twin photos are, I think each baby deserves to have his own photos as well!

newborn baby boy on green blanket tallahassee

newborn baby boy in blueberry hat

newborn twin photography monogrammed blanket

newborn photography twin boys with elf hats tallahassee photographer

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