Kreed | Tallahassee, FL Newborn Hospital Photography

A few posts ago, I shared Misty’s maternity photos along with photos of her daughter Saylor at age 2. Just 2 weeks after that session, I had the honor of photographing newborn Kreed just minutes after his birth. Misty’s husband called me when she was getting close to delivering and I was able to make it to the hospital in time to capture photos of Misty and Norm holding their son for the first time and Saylor meeting her baby brother. How sweet is that? I even got to hold baby Kreed when he was just minutes old.  I had never photographed anything like this before, and I loved it! It was such an emotional evening, filled with so much joy. I was truly blessed to be a part of this event and I hope to photograph other families like this in the future.

Kreed Hazen Jagger M.
7 lb, 13 oz | 20 inches long


Big sister Saylor meeting her baby brother for the first time

Saylor kept moving the blanket and checking out Kreed’s fingers and toes

Saylor was such a proud big sister. When she wasn’t the one holding the baby, she was showing off photos of him from her mom’s iPhone.

I just love this sweet moment with this brand new family of 4

I got to accompany Kreed’s dad to the nursery for his official weight and measurements

While Misty was still in the recovery room, the rest of the family was stationed outside the hospital nursery watching Kreed get measured and have his footprints taken

Saylor stayed up way past her bedtime to meet baby Kreed, and at one point she curled up in this chair with her blankie and almost went to sleep. She was exhausted but SO happy and excited to be a big sister.


Mr. Kreed was pretty alert for just being a few minutes old!

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