Landon: One Year | Tallahassee, Florida Studio Baby Photography

I always post about how sad I am when my baby planners grow up and graduate out of the baby plan at their 12 month session. Well this time I don’t have to be sad, because Landon’s mom has already contacted me about his 18 month session this fall and I can’t wait! I’ve had the joy of photographing Landon (and his big brother Will) as a newborn and at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and now at 12 months. Each session, he just gets cuter and even more fun. He is very close in age to my daughter, so I’ve really enjoyed seeing them go through the same milestones at the same times. I just adore photographing this family — they are all so sweet and I’m so glad I will see them again this fall!

one year old boy on his first birthday

1 and 3 year old brothers standing up together

There is a pose from Landon’s newborn session that includes both boys with this same exact setup. I love seeing the difference in growth in just one year!

one and three year old brothers sitting together on white crate

one year old boy learning to walk and laughing

two brothers sitting on white crate and hugging

Landon’s mama brought this antique chair in for the session. It was his grandfather’s chair and they also have photos of big brother Will in the same chair. I love when clients bring items that are sentimental to use for their sessions!

baby boy sitting in an antique rocking chair

three year old boy sitting with legs crossed

one year old boy sitting on a white crate

little brother sitting in big brother

baby boy learning how to walk

 We finished Landon’s first birthday portraits with a cake smash session. He wasn’t sure about the cake at first but ended up having a great time playing with it!baby boy smashing a cake for his first birthday storyboard

baby boy smashing a cake for his first birthday

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