Twins: Daija and DaVanté [Tallahassee, Florida Newborn Photographer]

Bridgette contacted me while she was pregnant with these two cuties and I’ve been looking forward to photographing these twins for a couple of months. They were ten days old for our session, and they did great! I was a little nervous about two at once and thought it would be a lot more difficult, but it really wasn’t. When one baby was fussy, the other was calm, so I was able to photograph one while mama snuggled the other. I also got lots of baby snuggles, since mama had her hands full. I held these guys for a long time and they were just so sweet. I got adorable baby smiles from both of them, too. I had so much fun photographing this session — these two were great little models!

I got a smile from Miss Daija!

Look at these two holding hands — so sweet!

How cute is DaVanté? I love how he just stretched out, got comfortable, and started smiling in his sleep.

Pretty baby girl:

This little guy was such a great sleeper for me. He slept through everything and hardly fussed at all.

Bridgette, thanks so much for letting me photograph your little ones. They are just precious!

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