What to Wear Wednesday: Families

People often ask me what to wear for their sessions, so I thought I’d occasionally post a “What to Wear Wednesday” with clothing inspiration. This week is focused on what to wear for a family session.

What Looks Great:

  • A color palette with different shades of two or three complimenting colors, paired with neutrals like khakis, jeans, a white skirt, etc.
  • Clothing that fits well. Clothing that fits properly but isn’t too tight is much more flattering than loose, baggy clothing.
  • Clothing that is comfortable. When you aren’t comfortable, it shows in the photo. Wear something you can move around in comfortably.
  • Accessories — they can really add a lot of personality to the photo.

What Doesn’t Work:

  • Large logos and characters are distracting.  I want the emphasis of the photo to be on your faces, not your clothing!
  • Dark green isn’t the best choice for outdoor portraits — instead of having the subjects stand out from the background, dark green blends in.
  • I love patterns — in moderation. Loud, busy patterns on more than one person in the group is going to clash. One simple pattern that goes with the color scheme can work well, though.

I always recommend that families pick two colors that compliment each other nicely and find outfits that follow that color scheme. Clothing doesn’t have to be matching or identical — in fact, I think it looks more natural if the clothing doesn’t match perfectly.

Here is an example of outfits that would look great for a family session:

As you can see, none of the outfits match each other but each outfit coordinates with the other outfits.

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